Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm supposed to post a dessert feature after the Cafe Med blog. Oh well..

How can I ever forget this ice cream? One of the best surprises I got in the world of food. You see, I've always been wary of gelato stalls. The colors seem too bright, I figure there would be too much sugar, coloring or maybe even artificial food flavors.

Located at the Second Floor of the WalterMart building in Pasong Tamo, Amici de Don Bosco has a dessert stall and a gelato freezer. I love Amici's pizza and cream puffs, but their gelato is a real winner. I can really taste freshness in them- fresh cream, fresh fruits... aaaah...yumminess!

We got a Mango Jubilee (P50) for Mark because he loves mango ice cream. The Mango Jubilee has mango gelato as its base flavor and is incorporated with different berries and fruits. Mark can only put his one thumb up, after tasting it because the other hand was holding the cup. Hehe.

As for me, I got a Blueberry (P50) gelato, because I love blueberries. The ice cream base is vanilla infused with blueberries, and then the whole pack is scattered with ripe blueberries. I don't know if the blueberries were cooked, because if they were, it wasn't mushy at all. It seemed like the berries were fresh when they got mixed in with the ice cream.

The best! It's like having fresh berries and cream! My mind is entranced still even after having them. Sigh :) I am in love!


gwacie said...

I want! Too bad they'd melt if you shipped it to CDO.

Shalum said...

Oh. You are coming over to try it :) Hehe.

mikky said...

me, i love their coffee...:)

Shalum said...

Really? Got to try that too, mikky :)thanks!

Leslie said...

Gelato..I am in love with Gelato!!!
Thanks for you comment on the Blog fight I seem to be having!! What a mess! Peole are soo mean!

Dhanggit said...

the gelato from San Giminiano Italy are the best I tasted..hmmm i could still imagine the taste...next time i'll visit philippines i'll definitely try all these yummy stuffs :-)

Shalum said...

To Leslie, you're welcome!:)

To Dhanggit, thanks for the comment!