Friday, August 8, 2008

Myron's Place

Lovely, lovely place. When Mark and I were looking for a new place to eat at Greenbelt to celebrate payday, I remembered reading Dessert Comes First's blog on Myron's Place. It was a great review. Thus, we headed off to Greenbelt 5 to try it.

Myron's Place is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5, and has a great view of the garden. Customers have the option of dining al fresco, although the interiors of the restaurant entices you to eat inside. Modern and elegant, it's plush leather seats are very comfortable. There are big red globe lamps scattered around the orange and brown theme.

We went there for lunch, and we were hungry indeed after church service.

For starters, we ordered the Risotto Balls with Chorizo (P250). A highly recommended dish by Dessert Comes First. True enough, it was very, very, good. The risotto was so soft and highly flavored by the chorizo and parmesan cheese. A must try!

Risotto Balls

The salad came in next- A Mesclun Salad with Sea Scallops in Raspberry Vinaigrette Sauce. Nice name, but it did not complement the highly flavorful Risotto Balls. It was a bad idea to serve it next to the Risotto.

A Mesclun Salad with Sea Scallops
in Raspberry Vinaigrette Sauce

The Scallops. Only 3 pieces of it.

A while after finishing the salad, came in the main dish. We ordered the beef steak at 450 grams which they called Franco's Cut (P1575). We split the steak between the two of us.

Franco's Cut

It was done medium well, but looked more medium rare on the inside. It was very tender too and cooked very well. My only "beef" on the beef was that the fat was not evenly distributed. There were parts where it was all fat. Other than that, it was yummy! Perfect with the mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes it came with. There's a 250 gram cut which was priced less but we had to split it in two, and we were just too hungry!

Mashed Potatoes

My Coca-cola!

The view from inside

Of all the things we missed, was the dessert! I forgot about the dessert here. Next time, next time . . .

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