Friday, January 13, 2012

2nd time

2nd's at The Fort is a restaurant on the second floor of a building at The Fort. I like this place for two reasons. It's ambiance and the food. I like that the place stays true to what they deem is good food, and did not attempt to stick to a theme. The first time we went there I ordered the Smoked Caprese Tower- a salad. I liked it, but I was enamored by my friend V's order- the Beef Ribs Adobo

On our second visit last weekend, this is what I ordered.

Beef  Ribs Adobo (P545)

It's not cheap for it's size. I also think that only two people can share this dish, with a good large cup of rice. I wish though the rice was brown ( they served a cup of  pristine white jasmine rice).

Adobo is a quintessential Filipino dish of pork or chicken, or both- cooked in soy sauce and vinegar. Good adobo takes some time to cook so that the meat is tender. This one was made with beef ribs, tender and succulent-although I must say, not quite healthy.  Could beat a steak dish. Highly recommended. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Splash of Red for Good Luck

I don't really do luck and all that, but in keeping with the New Year, tradition and all things sweet and nice, I am posting this vibrant red Coca-cola thingamajig to greet everyone a sweet and sparkling Happy New Year!

Happy New 2012, everyone!

May the good Lord bless and keep us all as we usher in the new year. ;)