Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trying Thai

The Onesimus's Great Barong Sale brought us to SM Megamall, one fine Saturday. When lunch time came, we found Jajutak Thai Restaurant- a small, but brightly lit place at the ground floor just near the Almon Marina.

The interiors were done well- it was brightly lit, with very nice Thai accessories. Feeling adventurous, Mark and I got in right away to try Thai food. It's not very spacious though... around more or less 8 to 10 tables only.

white, violet and bits of green all around

lovely display

For our drinks, we had their specialty Thai Iced Tea (P70) and the then sick-with-a -cold Mark, a Calamansi Juice(P62). The Iced tea was a very strong brew, and was softened only by the crushed ice and the condensed milk. The milk made the drink look orange-y. It was really good though. I liked it. I wonder if the Thai Iced Coffee is just as great...

Thai Ice Tea and Calamansi Juice

Thai Iced Tea

yummy milk

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong

For starters, we ordered The Sampler (P198)- a set of three kinds of appetizers. There were crab cakes, fish cakes, and the fried vegetable roll. They were so good with the Tom Yung Goong (P195) soup. The Tom Yum Goong is a sour seafood soup filled with mushrooms, prawns, cashews, cilantro, tomatoes and lime. The sourness is derived from the citrus fruits placed inside.

Vegetable Roll, Crab and Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes

The only "sablay" among the orders was the Pad Thai Goong ( P180). Supposedly Thai's national delicacy, the noodles were overcooked, the cashew overload not toasted enough. Simply put, it just didn't go well with everything else.

Pad Thai Goong

But it was an interesting place. Seems like there's a lot more to discover here.


mikky said...

have seen this place a few times but never had the chance to try it yet... thanks for sharing your experience, will definitely keep it in mind, esp about pad thai :)...

Shalum said...

You're welcome mikky!:)

dyosa said...

I love Jatujak. It's one of the closest thing you can get to having an authentic Thai dining experience. I go to their SM MOA branch. :-)

Shalum said...

hi dyosa. it was my first time to try it :)

matters said...

I tried Jatujak before not so good for me. If you want authentic thai eat at som's thai or muang thai. The best!

Shalum said...

really? thanks, matters :)