Saturday, August 2, 2008


We had dinner at Kaiseki at the Fort with Mark's parents. The place is quiet, very Zen. They tried to keep an authentic Japanese feel all around.

These anchovy appetizers were wonderful.
It was very crunchy, spicy and a little sweet.
A lot like dilis :)

This is the Sake - salmon sahimi

We also had some Tempura and a vegetable with noodles dish,
the name of which I forgot.
I really liked the noodles, it tasted so Filipino.

I think this was the Gindara fish steak. Not so sure anymore.

For the perfect ending, we asked if they had some
Green Tea Ice Cream just like at Sugi,
and they did!
Check out this beauty . . .
The good thing about Japanese food is that, it usually leaves the stomach light but satisfied. These are healthy eats :)

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