Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tokyo Cafe

Tokyo Cafe at the Mall of Asia is a modern Japanese restaurant. Their cuisine is a fusion of Japanese and Western dishes. There's a lot of sandwiches, pastas, and soups. The Japanese twist is on the ingredients like Crabsticks, Shrimps and the like. They serve nice blended coffee mixes too :)

Tokyo Hamburg (P149)

Hamburg Steak (P193)- reminiscent of a popular food chain's Burger Steak.
The Tempura on the side was good though.

Shrimp Bisque (P73)
Great soup!

I forgot the name of the shake. It was okay.

I remember their Mango Crepe was very good. It's a neat place to go to at the MOA.


dyosa said...

This I have yet to try. :-)

Shalum said...

re @ dyosa: Hehe. Don't forget the crepes :)

crazydigger said...

the shrimp mentaiko pasta here is really yummy!