Thursday, August 7, 2008


I personally think that the Durian is the most controversial fruit in the world. This is because people either love it or hate it- to extremes. Those who like it swear by it's divine, creamy goodness, and those who hate it- are bound to have fits of violence(so to speak), just to keep the fruit away from them.

Apparently, Durian is in season. A lot of people in our hometown Cagayan de Oro is having an encounter with this Davao specialty. Oh, I miss Mindanao. The closest thing that I've gotten to a Durian lately is the candy- and that was around a month ago. I'm making a Durian post today so I can also lovingly reminisce this delightful fruit.

The Durian's huge, deadly spikes will tell you it is not for everybody. And if your nose is as sensitive as my Mom's or my friend's- you'll think so too. I, on the other hand, have never found the fruit nor its smell offensive. In fact, I like the smell. Something that I got from my father. But I was not a Durian fan until that day I tasted it at the Malagos Eagle Sanctuary.

A vendor was peddling a so-called native variety. I noticed that it was small and darker compared to the usual ones I'd see at the fruit stalls. We tried it right there and then, at the Eagle park. Let me tell you that on that day, I was a Durian convert! I had just tasted the best Durian in my life. It was creamy, sweet, and refreshing- like all fresh fruits! It was like extra strong vanilla or vanilla with a kick! It was that good!

Durian Candies

I think that beating the smell is the first step to enjoying Durian. It is its odor that causes its notoriety. If you are able to get past that, you will be able to taste what I am trying to tell you about.

Until then, do try the different durian creations that are available anytime like durian candies, pies, jams, tarts and my favorite Nestle's Durian Ice Cream.


gwacie said...

I am one of those who get violently ill with durian. Surprisingly though, it doesn't smell when it's still attached to the tree. Go figure!

gwacie said...

and just for the record - I am that friend Shalumn is referring to. We had a nice chat about durian yesterday, which led to this post.

Shalum said...

Hahaha. True. And Noemi Katuin too. Timing, she also posted a blog about Durian too. Two different Durian experiences, in ONE day.Whew! :)