Friday, August 1, 2008

Calling All Shrimps

Bubba Gump has got to be one of the most fun restaurants of all time ( and Mark's favorite) .The interiors are awash with the movie's memorabilia. Each detail is inspired by a scene, the characters, or the lines. Even the dishes are named after the characters and the movie lines. The movie is played all night for everyone to enjoy a full Bubba Gump experience. I feel like I'm transported to New Orleans everytime we're in here. But be prepared for all the shrimps you'll be eating there. There are dishes made from other meats... but the shrimps are their specialty, and there's just so many ways that they have done with it.

By the way, they have these cool signs on each table. If you want to order or call the waiter, you flip the sign to the red plate which says Stop Forrest Stop. But if you're fine and want to continue eating, you flip the plates to this...

On this particular evening, we had . . .for appetizers, this-

This is the Run Across America Sampler-
the shrimps are done perfectly- tender and sweet.
And the fries on the side complement it perfectly.

This is Classic Caesar Salad withe Grilled Chicken-
this one was on the sweet side.
It had candied almonds and feta cheese.
It's alright- it's too much to finish for one person.

Shrimp New Orleans

Shelves of bottles of hot sauce coming from
all over the world are displayed all over the place.
This is the one nearest our table.

Now tell me, who would want to try this killer? Definitely not me!

When at Bubba Gump, expect to see a lot of Shrimps, and a trip back to Bubba Gump land :) And make sure you don't order too many shrimps at one time. Shrimps are heavy on the tummy, so you'll feel really heavy after. You might want to try their pastas and desserts- great stuff.


Shalum said...

Killer? I'll drink that hot sauce like juice.

Shalum said...

My husband yet again. Using my account to post a comment.