Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fish and More

I fell in love with the Fish& Co.'s "The Best Fish & Chips" when we first tried it at their Trinoma branch. The place was great, the service was good, and the food- the best! They serve the crispiest, most tender fish fillet.. with three kinds of dip on the side. Yummy. The bread that came with the dishes were also very very good.So, when we were out with Mark's Pa again, we knew we had to take him out to try this great restaurant.

They have a branch at the Greenbelt, and so since it was nearest to our place, we decided to take him to this branch. When we got in, we saw that the Greenbelt version was much smaller, crampy, and obviously "older." It didn't have the spick-and-span feel of the Trinoma branch. We decided to get on with the orders anyways.

Of course we had to have The Best Fish and Chips. Sadly, the fish was not as fresh as the first time we tried it.

We also tried the Filet Mignon, and this is how it came out. It had a side dish of broccoli and shrimps. The steak was cooked medium well, and turned out very well.

We also tried a seafood pizza, the name of which I forgot again. The crust was the flakiest, thinnest crust that I had ever seen. It was apparently a phyllo pastry dough spread out to a square shaped pizza to catch all the mozarella cheese and shrimps on top. It was good!

We were just so sad for the fish and chips. The bestseller turned out to be a dud on this particular day, and we had built it up so much naman. So embarrassing, and so expensive. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to go to Trinoma for The Best Fish and Chips then.

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