Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shiok in Summer

It was a dreadful weekday. Hot & Humid. Then the rain fell. One of those days. Having missed Tonton massage Perea, we decided to try Tonton Massage's Fort branch. Have you ever had a massage before dinner? Try it! You'll feel light and hungry. Well, having your massage before meals is actually more ideal for the body, they say. 

We parked right across the block where Shiok was located. Shiok is a Singaporean specialty restaurant supposedly reminiscent of the hawker centres in Singapore. This is what we had for the evening:

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I'm not a big fan of the Hainanese Chicken Rice, because I'm used to having my chicken dry or crispy. But the garlic rice that accompanies this dish is yummy. M likes that it's moist and juicy.

Nonya Laksa

This one was spicy and had way too much curry powder.
I like Toast Box's Laksa better because the curry, spice and coconut milk was my perfect balance.  I think M liked this one better though. He likes his food really spicy.

Peach Mango

This beverage served to refresh my spiced out taste buds.
Alone though or without the laksa, it would taste a bit cough syrupy ( I suspect the peaches were the canned variety.)
I am learning to prefer fresh fruit shakes instead of my favorite cola.

Hot summer and Peach Mango- nomnom.

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