Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trying Japanese Fusion at Mangetsu

It was a rainy Friday evening when my lovely friend, Nice,  invited us to Mangetsu on the eve of her birthday. Mangetsu is a chic Japanese fusion restaurant.

That evening,  I was late. I had to wait for the dear M so we could go together for dinner. Plus metro people, you know  what it means to get a cab on a Friday evening, yes? Horror. I had to surrender to a harassed Mom and a couple of shorts clad teenage girls at the cab drop off point. Plus, it was drizzling, etc and more excuses. :D

It's a good thing we still had some dinner left when we arrived. The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Mangetsu's doorstep were the colors of the place. Truly Japanese. Grays, beige, blacks and reds.  I felt like we were back in Tokyo ( we were there last November, remember?) I loved the feel of the place. So authentic. We were brought up to the second floor where the gang was waiting at a reserved area. Cool. Privacy!

When we got to the tables, I gushed on the dinnerware. Sigh... lovely.

I am particularly enamored by this pretty plate.

And check out the cutlery. They use this really tiny slotted spatula as serving spoon. 
The little bowl beside it is a condiment bowl. Cutie!

Wait.  Food. 

Sushi platter

Too bad I didn't have some of this. I'm trying to avoid raw fish as much as possible for health reasons. 
Oh, but I was really tempted.

This is a classic Japanese noodle soup with beef ,tofu, and leeks and lightly seasoned 
with soy sauce and mirin. It was okay. There's better somewhere. But kudos to the staff for reheating it for the latecomers like us. Service is good :)

Tori Karaage

Fried chicken. Good. This one was really tasty. And the prawn chips on the side was a hit!:)

Cheese Tofu Gratin

The piece de resistance. This is composed of tofu blocks swimming in a pool of spiced mozzarella cheese . I suspect the spice is nacho chips! It's soooo good, and when you get a block of tofu, the cheese stretches like forever! Ah, fusion! Oh, and check out the spatula again :) 

I wasn't there when they were ordering so I wasn't able to peek into the actual menu. But they do have a website. 

You will also enjoy their artworks. I did! I love Japanese art.
 It's so detailed, and yet simple. 
So calm, yet colorful. 

This is my Cinco de Mayo foodtrip because my friend's birthday falls on the 5th of May. 
Happy birthday again, Nice!


Nicessita said...

The cheese tofu gratin was a knock out! But i wanna go back to try their cheese gyoza and cheese tempura. Whatchatink? - Nice

gwacie said...

Belated happy birthday Nice! :)

Irish said...

The foods make my mouth watery

Shalum said...

Cheese tofu gratin pala yan, Nice? Haha! Lemme edit. Thanks!


Shalum said...

Cheese tofu gratin pala yan, Nice? Haha! Lemme edit. Thanks!


Patty Lloren said...

Hi :) nice blog! hope you could follow back my food blog as well you might like it

Shalum said...

Thanks Patty.