Monday, May 7, 2012

These crab cakes and that shake!

What is it about men and sports that drives them out of their caves and makes them travel from one "city" to another just to be able to watch a live telecast of their favorite game? It's crazy!! 

M called me out of the  blue to "invite" me to lunch at Italianni's The Fort because his favorite game was being telecast live at that branch. I had lunch when he called so the invitation was late, but the thought of him rushing there to watch that game was just too much for me to resist. I needed to get some baking ingredients at the grocery anyways. 

I arrived after the game was over, and he was doing some work, and using the available wifi. I ordered a special on the menu-the Crab Cakes Capri. I thought they would be a light and filling supplement to my leftover pizza lunch :D Seafood is summer food! These were really good!

Crab Cakes Capri (P175)

Pure white, flaky, juicy real crab meat. Yum.  Good deal!

There were 6 pieces to this order. M had enough of the pasta that he ordered so he didn't get any of this. I was so full after. I think 2-3 people should share this dish. 2 would be perfect, 3's fine.


Strawberry Shake 

It was so hot outside... er, if you live in Metro Manila, I think you know how hot this summer is. 

I then ordered a truly refreshing Strawberry Shake that got me right in the mood to explore The Fort. It was full of fresh strawberries, with a hint of mint. I'm not so sure but I think this beverage cost as much as the Crab Cakes. Hehe.

It's so good that I would like to thank the Lord for the creation of the blender :D

I've had the Peach Mango from Shiok and this awesome Strawberry Shake 
from Italianni's to make this summer refreshing.

What's your summer drink this year?:)


Gita Asuncion said...

those crab cakes look so yummy! okay na agng price. it is the shake that's pricey ha! pero mukang super sarap din!

gwacie said...

I'm miss the watermelon or papaya shakes at Mandarin. Cheap pa. hehehe...

Shalum said...

hi doc gita! pag masarap, sulit!:) o, and since all orders come with a plate full of their signature baguette, busog ka talaga.

hi gwacie! oh but these are strawberries, girl! hahaha!

Zelmarq said...

hello shalum, i was surprised to see that you included my blog on your favorite blog list, wow, its an ignition, a motivation for me to post with gusto....

Shalum said...

Hi zelmarq! I would like to promote CdO and your posts have been helpful. thanks and keep us updated about our hometown :) God bless!

Nicessita said...

that strawberry shake looks tempting on a hot summer arvo.