Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another good deal

It was luck again when I chanced upon another good deal in Deal Grocer. A month before M's birthday, I found deal on the 7 Corners Lunch Buffet for P995+ net at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Last year, we got a deal at Sofitel Plaza.

We've always wanted to try the buffet here because it was one of the pioneering popular hotel lunch buffets in the metro.This year was our chance. I read some bad reviews of the place, but we had to see for ourselves. I booked a slot on the weekend right after M's birthday.

The buffet hall isn't as huge as the other hotels in the metro. In fact it was quite small. The buffet was lined up on one side of the hall, cut up in 7 corners.

Of course we attacked the seafood first. (We always do that. :D) They had lobsters, prawns, and hidden at the back , some oysters-which we failed to see until we had to leave. Boo!

This is the cutest pile of wasabi that I have ever seen.

It's almost a shame to blend it with the soy sauce. But of course, I did!:D

Chawan Mushi

They had Chawan Mushi! It's a savory egg flan, that's almost like soup. 
This version was a bit too firm. I think it was overcooked.

The seafood loot. 

We also had some steak, which I wasn't able to take a photo of because we wolfed it down right away.
The steak was a bit thin, but you can always go back for more if you want. 
It was cooked just the way I wanted it- medium well. Happy :)

This is my dessert loot. There was ice cream, creme brulee, a chocolate fountain (which wasn't doing so great that day), and a lot of cakes. I had two plates of cake, but this was my favorite batch- Ube cake, Chocolate mousse, Caramel Mousse. Good cakes!:)

They serve coffee and tea on the house, so make sure you avail of that when you try it there. :)

I will admit that we've tasted better and bigger buffets. 
It is a delight though to know they have a good dessert corner :) 

Have a happy weekend ahead!


Hazel☺ said...

aww too bad the food are just so-so... but hey, at least the cakes were great.. and the wasabi smiley was cute too ;P


Shalum said...

hi hazel. thanks! i hope to try something like that with mashed potatoes :D