Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Double Date at Sonya's Garden

It was a double date up to Tagaytay together with Eric and his girlfriend, Jessica. It was Mark and I's first time to go to Sonya's Garden, and we were so excited. I had read so much about this mysterious woman's heavenly garden and last Saturday, I finally got to see it for myself.

It was almost a two hour ride to her place. It was a weekend, but it seemed that a lot of people decided to go up to the mountains too! Save for the traffic and some repairs at the SLEX, it was a a smooth ride.

Oh, but as soon as we stepped in.. we were in love! The dining area had an ethereal feel all over, with white, embroidered linens covering the tables, white draperies all over the ceiling, fresh flowers and greens all over the place! There was a garden on one side of the dining area, and a "rain" wall. Everything was meticulously crafted to produce the whole ethereal effect!

It was a good thing that Eric had reserved a table for us because, the place was packed! At P610 per head, we had the following yummies ( please forgive the pictures)...

I love the embroideries, and the heavenly dalandan juice!

Greens and the mix-ins- melons, pineapples,
board nuts, mangoes, eggs, parmesan cheese

oh, and turnips too!


Chopped Eggs

The really fresh lettuce, with edible rose petals

I love their Sesame Bread!

The spreads: Pesto, Liver Spread, Tuna and Kesong Puti ( I think),
Feta Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes

The bread was good in itself, but with the spreads, it became extra special. I love the Pesto and Feta Cheese spreads :)

The Pasta, Two Kinds of Sauces, and your choice of mix-ins

White Sauce, Red Sauce



Deep Fried Salmon

It was a very heavy meal, the greens were lovely, but the pasta was really heavy! The pasta sauces were not that impressive. I love their mushroom and ratatouille though. :)

And for that, we were so thankful for the tarragon tea which was served after the pasta meal. It was a cup of hot water, infused with the tarragon leave's essence.

Tarragon Tea

For dessert, they served us the following:

Deep, Dark Chocolate Cake

Banana rolls with Nangka ( or the local Turon)

Sweetened Camotes

The chocolate cake was not sweet at all! It was dense but not cloyingly sweet. The sweet part burst into the native desserts. I love their turon, and the candied sweet potatoes (sweetened camotes). I was so full, but I simply had to get a second serving of the turon! I must say... the native desserts overshadowed the chocolate cake!:)

There were a lot of food served. And guess what, everything was eat-all-you can! In fact, we can always have a round two, of any part of the meal, if anybody wanted to...so cool!

But more than that.. the experience of Sonya's Garden is not to be missed. It was a lovely, romantic interlude to the busy metro life!


gwacie said...

I was gonna ask you if you went to Sonya's Garden when you went to Tagaytay, and guess you did. :)

Lumette! Ratatouille!!! How did it taste? And the bread looks great, but why is that slice of cake so small? Or are you dieting? hehehe...

mikky said...

wow... good to see that they added something new to the menu... there were no ratatouille and fried salmon then... i remembered being serve fruits only then too... guess we need to revisit sonia's... :)

Shalum said...

Ratatouille was a very simple veggie dish. I'm not so sure what the other seasonings were, but it's doable :)

The cake was so small bitaw.. but that's alright. The pasta was so heavy, we had to force ourselves to eat the cake. I liked the camote and turon much better though ;)

Shalum said...

hi mikky :) really? yup, i guess it's time to go up there again. hehe.