Thursday, September 4, 2008


I haven't really been to Chowking for sometime, since the sanitation rumor spread. I used to frequent this place a lot for the Beef Motong Soup and the Sweet&Sour Pork meals. But, when Mark and I went to Intramuros for a morning jog, we simply had no other fastfood breakfast place to go but this. This is the one nearest the Cathedral and the main park.

We had the Chinese Ham Almuchow (P70) and Mark had the King's Special Almuchow (P99). We had to add P19 pesos each for our drinks- Mark had a cup of coffee and I had a cup of hot Naicha (Milk Tea). It was a showery Monday morning, and we needed to have our hot drinks.

Chinese Ham Almuchow

King's Special Almuchow

The verdict: The meals were still good. I like the ham, although I wasn't too excited for the fried rice. I was not able to taste test the Naicha , and quickly put some sugar when the cup was served with a bowl of sugar on the side. Result? Disastrous! The Naicha was already sweet, so adding extra sugar simply made it almost inedible ( well, unless you want to drink liquified candied milk tea!). Tsk, so in case you want to try the Naicha.. keep the sugar bowl away from you!

As for it's cleanliness... let me say, aside from the fact they should replace worn out coffee mugs, I'd rather try Chowking again in another branch.


mikky said...

Hi... I was tagged by Ning of Heart & Hearth, so I hope you don’t mind, but I’m tagging you… just to get to know you better… :)

Shalum said...
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Shalum said...

Sure. Thanks, mikky!