Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dampa sa Libis

This is the one place where, whenever my husband wants to indulge on some crabs, we go to eat fresh seafood. I forgot how much we spent on the food... but I think ... it's more expensive than we expected it to be..

We got our catch from the wet market, which is located just behind the restaurant. The wet market was chockful of shrimps, prawns, oysters, fishes and crabs! We buy per weight, and then there's a fee for the cooking. I wasn't able to take pics for fear I'd drop the camera on the wet floor. Hehe. Ang arte.

After paying for the crabs and the fish, we waited in the restaurant area- a large, brightly lit, airconditioned seating area, and very colorful accents. Beware though during rush hours, like 11 to 12 noon, so many people go there to eat, and waiting can seem like forever!

Chili Crab

I love the garlicky, sweetish sauce

Grilled Pampano

I wish I had it cooked some other way.

There are advertisements outside of the restaurant area suggesting different dishes. I suggest you have your food cooked the same way as the ads... I think it's their specialty. ;)

Enjoy the crabs!


Yummy in my tummy said...

Omg, I just saw these yummy crab recipes on Adobo Nation today (I recorded it our DVR and only had time to watch it this evening). They have it in some Filipino restaurant in San Francisco. I will have to make a note to visit "Alimango" next time i'm there!
I'm putting you in my blogroll=)

Shalum said...

I'm glad you like this post yummy in my tummy. And thanks!

mikky said...

i have heard so much about this place but have never tried going...YET... i think those crabs are calling on Hubby and me... :) thanks for sharing... :)

Shalum said...

Haha! Go!:) You're welcome.