Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talk about Dystopia

I was browsing through my Facebook contact's travel pictures in China, when I saw one of her posts regarding fake eggs in China. I was appalled! Fake eggs? There is such a thing? How do they look? What are they for? And WHY?

In this day and age when everyone I know wants to eat healthy and be healthy, spending more money on organic produce and meat--the thought of fake eggs in the market is CRAZY. 

I checked on Google to see other news on this fakery and I saw this site where it provides how and why fake eggs are made-- check out this link on ---> FAKE EGGS.

I don't eat eggs everyday for breakfast, but I appreciate fresh eggs. You know it's fresh when the yolk and the whites are firm yet soft, breaks only upon a steady poke and has great color. How many of my favorite sweets and carbs have eggs? Noodles, bread, cakes, ice cream, flans, sandwich spreads not to mention my husband's favorite Chinese soups! 

In the ideal world, all beings should be eating all natural, all organic food. If eggs can be faked and made from chemicals, there is no stopping the other food stuffs in your grocery shelves to be made from who knows what kind of laboratory experiment. What's next?

Eggs are the starting point of life. When that point of beginning is faked, the future should smell rotten. 


gwacie said...

Artificial eggs? Why???

Shalum said...

profit. sigh.