Friday, March 23, 2012

Blasting the summer heat!

Summer time!

I can't get over heat. I have to have my cold water, juice, it! I now have a nice collection of chilled fruits in the refrigerator for the healthy version of all things good, sweet and cold. :D

But last week, I went to Jollibee with my Mom and we both tried their new summer offering .....

The Milo Blast!

It's like breakfast in a dessert version. 
The buttery vanilla ice cream is blended with Milo powder, and a healthy  measure of Milo Cereal. 
I would prefer this one over Magnum because it's lighter, but then that's just me.

Happy Summer to all!

1 comment:

gwacie said...

I want to try that! And a Magnum! And those new KFC Krushers!