Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Weekend at Home.

M and I got to visit home (Cagayan de Oro) last Holy Week. It was another good chance to indulge on food we miss.

As soon as we arrived, we found ourselves at:

Hungarian Sausage with mashed potatoes
Vienna Kaffeehaus. 
This Cebu franchise which serves Austrian dishes will always have a special place in our hearts. Wink. I ordered my usual Hungarian sausage and M ordered a cheese weiner with mashed potatoes too.The sausage and spuds have decreased in size. That was sad. The price increased too. Inflation is a heartbreaking thing.


This huge crispy and sugary banana-langka wrap is found in the streets of CdO. I don't know of anyone who makes Turon the way this particular street vendor does. No scrimping on the sugar, wrap, nor of the bananas and langka. When you bite into one, the coating breaks in sugary shards. You can actually see the shards in the photo. It's so big, so we cut it in half and share the calories. For less than P20--winner!

We also chanced upon the opening of a new branch of Chicken Charlie along Borja Extension, CdO. Now, we haven't tried this here in the metro because it was always so full at that time we tried. With the advent of all these crispy fried chicken craze that is Bon Chon, Manang's Fried Chicken and even Chowking's Chinese Style Fried Chicken , we had all forgotten to try Chicken Charlie. 

with Soy Garlic Sauce & Hot Sweet Sauce (with the sticks)
These were big pieces of drumsticks. I think I like the Soy Garlic sauce much better than the kimchi flavored foreign counterpart. But the foreign counterpart has crispier chicken.

Cheesestick Dynamite- cheese and jalapeno rolled in lumpia. A hit.

Since it was nearing M's birthday, we were treated to dinner at another Cebu franchise- the Filipino specialty restaurant Cafe Laguna. Everything's always good here. We had-

Adobong Kangkong


Kinilaw (Cebu style)
They put mayonnaise. Not my thing.

Maja Kalabasa
This is so creamy, light and refreshing. 
I like that it uses a vegetable to highlight the coconut cream based flan,  so I can imagine all the beta carotene coming into my system while I eat dessert. 

I forgot to take a photo of the yummy Kare Kare and the Sizzling Bangus. Next time.

That was a good dinner. And a really good home visit. :)

Until next time, Cdo. Have a great summer.


gwacie said...

the famous turon!!!! they're usually out by the time we get downtown. haaay...

Shalum said...

i heard! you have to get it by noon time or so.

i hope to get better shots next time. mom bought those a day before. :D

gwacie said...

I know. Usually in the afternoon, it's only banana-cue that's left, and even that sells out by 2:30-3:00. Anyway, their banana-cue is good too. :)

Have you tried the maruya near the tennis court in Capitolyo? It's good too. :)

Shalum said...

Not yet :)