Friday, February 20, 2009

No Rival Sans Rival

I've heard a lot of stories saying that high school life is the best time of one's teenage life. But I beg to disagree, because I had the most fun in college. I had the most fun because I was able to spend more time exploring the world - even if I had to be home before dinner.

I developed a new set of friends composed of old friends from high school, and their new friends, and classmates from college. With them I got exposed to eating out, extra-curricular meetings, volunteerism, student politics, and of course, boys. I learned a lot from them, since they were more adventurous. I usually stayed on the sidelines, absorbing as much information as I could. With them, I learned how to control my temper, to deal with different kinds of people, and to discern what I want in life. I guess you can say I'm a late bloomer, since they practically knew all of these way before I did, or so I think. :)

During the holidays, I met with only two of our original group of around 10 girls. The others have since gone to greener pastures. We update ourselves via the online social networking sites most of the time, but nothing beats sitting down together for a meal. :)

We had dinner at Bigby's Restaurant at the Rosario Arcade, then proceeded to nearby Candy's Cafe for dessert. We shared a slice of the Almond Sans Rival, along with our cups of hot beverage. I think this was one of the best desserts I've tasted so far.

Almond Sans Rival

You know what they say,
there's nothing like girlfriends to make your day :)


gwacie said...

Oh yum!!! Let's try this next time we're at Bigby's. I guess this is similar to the Mocha Silvanas at Candy's?

Shalum said...

maybe :) let's! it's really good- chewy sweet. but if you do make it there before me... tell me what you think :)

mikky said...

i agree, it's really great to be surrounded by your girl friends once in a while... wonder if bigby's here serve that sansrival... :)

Shalum said...

hi mikky! we had dinner at bigby's... but we had the sans rival at Candy's :)