Monday, February 9, 2009

Steak it in CdO

I love beef, in every form- as burgers, steak, stew, stroganoff, as bolognese sauce for pasta, roasted... or even bulalo ( yum!). Beef satisfies me like no other meat can.

Once, I read in a magazine, that certain foods work best for a specific blood type. I was greatly interested ( and enthusiastic!) to find out that blood type O people need beef for their systems to work at its best. I don't know if this study or theory still holds true... but I find that I am most satisfied with my meal when there's some beef in it! So there goes my excuse for not going vegetarian :) Hehe.

In hometown Cdo, the best steak house is Countryside Steakhouse and is located on the second floor of the Rosario Arcade in LKK Center. The place is nicely done in a Western Cowboy theme, and filled with big wood furnitures. This is also the site of many of our special family celebrations. Some say that the beef they serve are not as tender as the ones served before by Del Monte, but on this particular evening with my family, we had a juicy, yummy steakfest! :)

Whenever we order the steak prime cuts, the meat is accompanied with an appetizer tray of bread, soup, side salad of greens and a choice between potatoes or rice. I forgot though if corn is one of the choices.

Here is their signature placemat. It sure pays to know the part you're eating. :) Hehe

Chicken Squash Soup

This is the salad that came with the steak, with a thousand island dressing.

The mashed potatoes is a dense cup of velvety spuds. Yumm.

Sizzling Sirloin with the gravy

Without the gravy, it still looks yummy. And the veggies are fresh!

CdO Love.


gwacie said...

and now i'm craving del monte beef...

entrepgirl said...

i like your blog, it makes me hungry! :)

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mikky said...

thanks to you, now i know cdo has lots to offer... :)

Shalum said...

hehe. thanks too for liking the posts, mikky!:)

mikky said...

happy valentine's day... :)

BizMind said...

What a great course meal to try. Great info.