Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Favorite Filipino Restaurant

This is the one of the best Filipino restaurants in Cagayan de Oro. Located at the Limketkai Center, Cafe Laguna is actually a Cebu original.

The restaurant boasts of fine Filipino furnishings, with brick posts and wooden furniture. I love their lamps (forgot to take a photo! argh). The place is packed during the weekends, and I think they could use more space to accommodate those busy days.

There's so much Filipino fare to choose from, but on this particular day with my in-laws we ordered the following:

Baked Scallops
Simply delicious. Soft scallops and toasted cheese with green onions.

Crispy Beef Tadyang
This is a pile of crispy, flavorful beefy goodness.


I forgot the name of this dish- Laguna Express?
It's got shrimps with string beans and cooked in spicy coconut cream. :)

Sinigang na Hipon.

The shrimps in CdO are fresh, so the soup was good :)

Fish Fillet
Fresh fish fillet cooked just right.:)

Together with Mark's family, we shared this food with Mark's best friend Adonis and his new wife Rose. My family eat here a lot too. But my Mom's favorite is the Fresh Lumpia, which she says is just how she likes it- lots of ubod , homemade lumpia wrapper, and lots of ground peanuts. Together with yummy lumpia like that we also have this ......


Puto Bumbong

This is by far, the best, yummiest puto bumbong that I've tried. I have tasted puto bumbong here in Manila, but I still like this version better- BEST!

The ground, sticky rice is chewy and sweet,
and the freshly grated coconut matches the salty butter melting on it very well.

Happy Lunching everyone!:)


entrepgirl said...

thanks for comment, glad you appreciate my Pepper Lunch post. i really like your blog, would it be ok to exchange links? just leave a msg in my blog if that's alright. thanks! :)

mikky said...

and from the pictures, i know why... everything looks so yum.... :)

gwacie said...

hungry, hungry... their food is so good and hits the spot! hope their baked tahong will be available again soon...

Their branch in cebu is the first and only place i had balut - balut a la pobre though, so it was disguised in sauce!