Saturday, February 14, 2009

The First Date

Happy Heart's Day everyone!

In light of this romantic (or romanticized :D) day, I am reminded of this very special cafe in CdO where were had our first dinner date. Mark wanted to treat me for my birthday. He made me choose between Vienna Kaffeehaus and another place. I picked this place from the other one he mentioned, because it was near my school, and because the place is cozy but not cheesy. Hehe.

It was a fun first dinner date. It helped that the place exuded a cool ambiance, and really good food. Vienna Kaffeehaus is another Cebu original, and they serve a Viennese-slash-German inspired menu , such as different kinds of sausages, pastries and coffee.

However last Christmas, my high school girlfriends- Grace and Janice, and I decided to spend our annual year-ender date at Vienna. I'm so glad they liked the place as much as I did. We had a fun time talking and eating!

And every time I go there, I never fail to order the house specialty- The Hungarian Sausage ...

The Hungarian Sausage, with coleslaw and a choice of a side dishes.
You may choose between rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes. I chose the latter. There isn't so much for every serving, but the price is not expensive either.

Gracie ordered this- a Cheese Sausage.
It wasn't as spicy as the Hungarian, and it's I think she liked it!

For desserts, we ordered three different kinds of pastries. My favorite is the Blueberry Cheesecake, but it wasn't available that evening. Their cheesecake is so intense and dense, just
the way that I like it. I ordered the plain cheesecake instead, Gracie had their chocolate cake, and Janice had the brazo mercedes.

This is their Moist Chocolate cake. It was so dense and intense!
I just love the heaviness of the chocolate.

This is The Cheesecake. So plain-looking, but so heavy in flavor. The cheese base is not cloyingly sweet, or light creamy, but was actually sharp and intense, with a tad hint of saltiness. I like it very much, although some fruit sauce would have balanced out the cheese.

Doesn't this array make your heart beat a wee bit faster? Hehe.
They have other lovely pastries too, and I quite remember that their Cafe Au Lait is really good.
The coziness this place exudes reminds me of that eventful first date,
which has lead me to where I am now
---wonderfully married. :)

I hope you all enjoy celebrating this season of love.

God loves us more than we'll ever know,
and we just have to share all of that love!:)


gwacie said...

they were even yummier eaten all together!

so, where's our next food trip?

Shalum said...

we'll see! plan it for us!:)

mikky said...

looks like a fun girls night/lunch out... i love hungarian too... :)