Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know I haven't been very regular in updating my precious blog lately. I can enumerate a lot of excuses ( blah, blah , blah), but I know it won't make sense. I am deeply grateful though for the friends I have made through this medium, and for those who appreciate my little contribution to the worldwide web. ;)

And now, maybe it's time to post the little gifts I got , called awards... on my blog!

These two lovely awards are from my long time friend, and one of the best writer and artist in the world ( wooohoo!)- Grace of My Li'l Spot of Sunshine . This is the first one-

I'd like to share this award with Eric of Ang Peregrino , Mikky of My Finds, Dra. Gita of My Little Space, and to Leslie of The Hungry Housewife! Yey!

The second award is still from Gracie, and is a lovely scroll which I'd like to pass on to my friend, Mai of Palandong!

And the third award is from Mikky of My Finds, who is so generous with comments, and for posting lovely finds on her blog... thank you!

I'd like to share this award to my friends- Gracie, and Eric! You guys rock!;)


mikky said...

just want you to know that i enjoy reading your food trips, so it's really a pleasur... thanks so much for passing this awrd... i'm so thrilled to get this one... and it's quite lovely, isn't it? :)

mikky said...

oops... it's pleasure and award... :)

Gita Asuncion said...

youre truly deserving of those awards, dear friend!
and thanks for sharing one with me...
keep in touch and keep blogging! the blogging world needs you!

Shalum said...

You're welcome, ladies!:)

eric santillan said...

hey sha!

thanks for sharing your award with me!

it's really great being there, eating with you and mark, and reading about it afterwards. :p



gwacie said...

gee thanks, sha!

entrepgirl said...

hi! nice blog, hope you can visit mine too. i'd love to hear some comments and suggestions. thanks! :)

Shalum said...

thanks entrepgirl! will drop by :)