Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Just Wanted Cream Puffs

One day, I asked my Mark, if he could get me some cream puffs from Dulcinea. I was craving for a puff. And as far as I know, Dulcinea has the most accessible better puffs in Makati. But when Mark came home, he presented me with a box of other Dulcinea goodies.

It was very sweet of him, but alas, I am not a fan of the other pastries. Not to mention that they weren't fresh and were even a little soggy. Only the cream puffs proved to be any good. There were only two puffs in the box, so we each had one. ;)

I hope Amici makes cream puffs more regularly. :)

1 comment:

mikky said...

how sweet of mark to give you choices... too bad the other goodies were not as good as the cream puff... i'm not sure about now, but i remember that dulcinea used to serve a mean chocolate eclair... :)