Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jelly going Peachy

I snapped this photo in a birthday celebration of my husband's friend. There was a lot of food, and this dessert became a refreshing end to an oily glutton fest.

I've had almond jelly before, and they were always boring. I apologize to all almond jelly fans, but it really is boring. I don't know its health benefits so I cannot be obliged to eat it if I had a better choice.

But this one was different. Almond Jelly with Peaches! The Peaches served a very nice complement to the very light almond jelly. I have no idea how this was made, but I assume they used the following, and mixed them all together nicely:

1. Canned Peaches
2. Almond Jelly powder
3. Milk and Sugar

It looks pretty simple and easy to do. What do you think?


mikky said...

maybe they used lobo brand of agar dessert mix, almond flavor... it's quite easy and very good... :)

Shalum said...

really? just heard of that brand now :) thanks for the info!:)

Gita Asuncion said...

this looks good. i like the photo.. the blur makes it look chilled. lalong appetizing. ;)

Shalum said...

thanks doc gita, glad you like it!:)