Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Birthday Treat in CdO

My brother's birthday treat, that is. Mine is a couple of days ahead of him, which I spent 30,000 feet in the sky for four hours, since our plane couldn't land on the foggy Lumbia Airport. Our plane got diverted back to Manila, and we had to rebook it for the next day. Oh well. At least we got to attend the wedding we were supposed to attend, and my brother's birthday.

We went to Candy's, a modern gourmet restaurant located at the Rosario Arcade of Limketkai Center in Cagayan de Oro City. Candy's has been around for a long time, for its pastries, bread and expensive dishes. But now, it has become more accessible to the younger set since it expanded it menu, and included pizzas and cocktails. Their pizzas have thin crust and are great!

But, on my brother's birthday, we ordered the following:

This is a vegetable panini. I forgot it's exact name, but I do remember it tasting so good! In between the beautiful striped wheat toasts, was a whole lot of pesto sauce, tomatoes and I think also some eggplant in it. My Mommy ordered this, and I think she made an excellent choice for lunch.

Look at all that cheese!

This was my order, supposedly a shrimp pasta in aglio and some scallops topping it. I forgot the name again, but it was okay. I think it tasted better when I added more parmesan. It was a little too light for me.

This is my husband's Gamberetti pasta. It was supposedly full of shrimps, but there were more stewed tomatoes in it, which totally overpowered the shrimps. My Mark didn't like it at all ( and upon tasting it, he's right).

The Tartufo

The Tartufo is a delectable ball of ice cream and chocolate cake, studded with nuts, and drizzled with white chocolate. A fun treat! One order best serves four people.


My weekend stay may have been a little to short, but I am thankful I got to savor my hometown's breeze as I enter the third decade of my life.

Thank you Lord for blessings such as these!


eric santillan said...

happy birthday! basta naggreet jud ko. hehe.

We had dinner at P Joes which is beside Candys. I like the food there, specially their Roast Beef and Meatloaf. :-)

gwacie said...

Hi Sha! Sorry we couldn't meet up - I was really too sleepy.

I only liked the pizza in Candy's after I put the oil and cheese on. LOTS of cheese. Otherwise, I found it bland. :p

Shalum said...

hi eric! nice pic! really? good!

hi gracie! i'm a crust person, so i found it okay. yup, better sya with that oil and balsamic vinegar duo :)

mikky said...

belated birthday greetings... glad you had a great time with your family... looks like a lovely lunch... :)

Shalum said...

Thanks Mikky!:)

Gita Asuncion said...

belated birthday greetings to you, too!
your bro's bday treat looks so good a! kagutom!

Shalum said...

Thanks Doc Gita!;) Hehe :)

mikky said...

i'm passing an award to you... :)

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

the tartufo looks sinfully good!

Shalum said...

thanks mikky!

it is, u8mYpiNkcoOkiEs

dyosa said...

The Tartufo made me stare at the photo with such delight. *drool*

entrepgirl said...

waaahhhh!! i like the vegetable panini, it looks so yummy, my stomach is killing me! :(

don't they have a restaurant in manila?