Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seeing Seryna Again

On Mark's birthday, he wanted to eat at Seryna. But because it was also Mother's Day at that time, we weren't able to get a table. Hence the week after, when his sister came over to Manila, we tried our luck again, and lucky we were!

We wanted to try their set meals or Gozen at P320 per set...

Sister-in-law got the Tonkatsu Gozen or the breaded pork set

Mark is a seafood fan, so he got the Kaisen Gozen, an assortment of sashimi.
There was a lot going on in there. It was truly a feast.

While I, an averred beef lover, got the Sukiyaki Gozen....


there was even some miso soup to warm the tummy.

and of course, japanese rice is always a winner!

I was quite surprised with the potato salad side dish.
I didn't know this would be part of a regular japanese meal,
but it was truly yummy!
Cold and tasty!

Excuse me, but I was quite amused with the rest room.
I guess, it is essential for a good restaurant to have an equally enjoyable restroom.

Have a good week ahead!


gwacie said...

Ey Sha, was that a raw egg? What do you do with it?

Love the restroom pic - way lingaw! hehehe....

Shalum said...

you mix it with the sukiyaki beef! it's just like the way they do it at Teriyaki Boy (which, i heard opened there na) :). maybe like sisig too? it's good. promise. it gets cooked in the super hot meat anyways. ;)


Jenny said...

thought mark's birthday was in april? 1 month delayed celebration? haha!

Shalum said...

hi jen!! one month delayed post :)