Sunday, May 17, 2009


If we're really hungry, and we want to eat Japanese food at a more affordable budget, the next best place would Teriyaki Boy. :)

I heard that Teriyaki Boy just opened in CdO at SM City Cagayan de Oro. A friend asked me if the place is any good. So this post is for you, my beloved Kagay-anons ;) It has a menu of Japanese and fusion cuisine. I like the modern interiors and the hip design of the place. It's fastfood Japanese cuisine, with a not-so-fastfood price. Everytime we go there, Mark and I always share a bowl of Gyu Yakiniku Udon, and another order of something else :)

On this particular visit, we ordered our regular ....

Gyu Yakiniku Don (P275)

There's a lot of rice and meat in that bowl. The beef strips are tasty and tender.
Make sure you stir the egg immediately upon serving.
The egg gives a lot of difference!:)
I can actually eat the whole thing, but I'd be really, really full after.
So we share and order something else.

We also had the Yakisoba,


It was okay. Not our favorite.
I'd rather you order the Teriyaki Chicken Don or the Fish Fillet that's really really tender!;) Mark also likes this green covered sushi.I think they call it Firecracker Sushi.

This post makes me wanna go banzai to the ref.
And to CdO, enjoy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, everyone!


Jenny said...

i'm a fan of the teriyaki chicken! their crazy rolls promo looks interesting!

Shalum said...

masarap nga yung chicken nila, jen :)

Shalum said...

masarap nga yung chicken nila, jen :)

talat said...

Who could say no to chicken? mm chicken.

Jackie @

gwacie said...

I was in SM last Friday and didn't notice Teriyaki Boy. I'm so dense! Haaay. Come home na so you can drag me there beh?