Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Steak Restaurant

Set atop Greenbelt 3 and overlooking the Greenbelt compound, we have found our favorite steak restaurant. Not only that, we love its location and its view... plus the Spanish mosaics on the wall.
Gaudi for me, is one of the best restaurants in town. Not only is their steak the yummiest, and their paella the best (well at least until I get to taste Senor Alba's), their service is really great!
Simply put, we just love Gaudi!!

We first had our Gaudi experience around 2 years ago. Since then, we've been just salivating over the thought of their Chuleton Villagodio- hands down my favorite steak dish. On this particular evening, we shared these treasures with Mark's Papa and sister. Let me show you what I'm talking about.

This is their bread- a big basketful of goodness.

Plato de Ibericos (P415.00)
The appetizer, an assortment of tapas and cheese.

Some buttered potatoes

Roasted pimientoes

The Arros con Marisco (P700)!
This blurry picture contains mouthfuls of yummy saffron flavored rice. So much better than other paellas in town (again, until I try Senor Alba's).

Here comes the piece de resistance.. tadaah!
Blurry pictures (I was shaking with excitement, sorry!) of The Chuleton Villagodio.

Chuleton de Villagodio (P2597/1.06)
Perfect cuts of super tender Angus Beef , sprinkled with coarse sea salt, ....

... and grilled on a stone plate set on top of a tiny gas burner.

The blurry pictures doesn't stop me from remembering
how mouthwatering this experience was!

The Chuleton Villagodio is an experience worth having, albeit a very expensive one.
The order is charged per kilogram and there are different cuts of the meat. The servers will kindly show you a plateful of the raw version before they pre-cook it , so you can choose which ones you prefer (then you can have a chance of ordering the smaller, and maybe less expensive cuts, yay!).

And because Mark's sister was with us, it seemed fitting to order dessert with her around!
We wanted to try all their desserts, so we ordered the ....

Detodunpocu- a dessert sampler. What a big load of sweetness!

Oh, hello there my lovely choux!

The Chocolate mousse was also good!


mikky said...

what a great meal... i remembered to be quite in-awe with gaudi also... :)

crazydigger said...

when i was still working in makati, stan and i also used to frequent gaudi. we've found other options - cowboy steak at Tagaytay Highlands in MoA and Mamou's steak. Yummy! :D..

elbert's na!!

Shalum said...

hi mikky! ang sarap dun no?

hi jenny! na try na rin namin ang tagaytay highlands sa moa nung promotion day ni mark. hehe. still have to post that. di pa namin na try ang mamou's. hmmm. as for elbert's.... gimme a little more time! ehehehe!:)

entrepgirl said...

thanks for the comments. :)

the steak from Gaudi looks yummy and the desserts mouth watering. haven't tried it yet. hopefully i'll get the chance soon. :)

Shalum said...

thanks entrep girl!

eric santillan said...


hmmm... have to go there.

by the way, need to bring you to a burger place i just found out about the other day. hole-in-the-wall, but really great. hehe.

Ang Peregrino

mikky said...

kiong hi huat tsai... :)

ChichaJo said...

We are fans of Gaudi as well :)