Friday, October 10, 2008

Power Breakfast

After our usual Saturday walk/jog, my Mark wanted to splurge on Italianni's for breakfast. He was gushing over their breakfast sets and the orange juice. The magic words for me were "orange juice. " ;)

So off we went in our jogging gear... at Italianni's Greenbelt 3. I think we were the first customers of the day, and it was nice to have the place all to ourselves.

Orange Juice
Nothing really special about this. In fact, it was a little sour. Must be from a concentrate.
We ordered The Eggs Benedict with Adobo, and the Filipino breakfast set.

The Filipino breakfast set
- omelet, garlic rice, corned beef, longganisa and watermelon wedges..whew!

The fruit dessert of the Filipino Breakfast set

Longganisa- good!

Now, for the eggs benedict with adobo flakes

This is a super eggy-dish!

cheesy, buttery fatty. hehe

This was a yummy dish, but it was too big and eggy for one person. Definitely not a breakfast for those who are conscious of their cholesterol and salt intake. I also think that service needed a little more warmth and improvement, after the price that we paid for this meal.

I think we needed to do more jogging after this .... ;)


mikky said...

looks like a hearty breakfast, but don't you just hate it when the service they provide doesn't match their expensive price range...

Shalum said...

yup, it is so sad mikky. i hope they do something about it.

gwacie said...

miss orange!

Leslie said...

I HATE fake OJ! being from Florida, I grew up on freshly squeezed OJ, so I guess I am spoiled!
Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy 100th post!

Shalum said...

Hi Gracie, get some. It's loaded with vitamins, so it must be good. And yummy too. Hehe

Hi Leslie, I hate fake OJ too. You're so lucky to grow up on that! Thanks for stopping by too :)

Anonymous said...

if only eggs benedict were not fattening, i would eat it everyday

Shalum said...

hello gourmandtales, you're so right. they are so good... and so bad too! hehe