Friday, May 3, 2013

Our (rainy) Summer last Christmas

This scorching weather reminds me of the holiday we spent in Singapore a few months back. It was December, and it was so hot there. Good thing Singapore is well equipped with good public transportation or else we would go bankrupt taking airconditioned cabs. 

We stayed at The Concorde Hotel along Orchard Road. We were with family and it was best that we stayed in a place where there were lots of food and shopping places nearby. I can see that the hotel has been operating for quite sometime due to the 70's-80's design, but it has been well kept by the management. 


Our room had a big nice bed and other amenities. 
We booked early so I hope we got a good deal for this.
The view was pretty, we could see Orchard Road and the holiday lights.

We walked around Clark Quay before dinner to see the sights.
For dinner,  we went to this happening hawker's place called Makansutra Gluttons Bay.
The tables are scattered outdoors. It just drizzled when we arrived, so we had to wipe down the tables and chairs before use. Also, it was so crowded so it is highly advised that you don't go there when you are starving unless you don't need to sit down immediately. There was a rest room nearby. Fairly decent. 
This was my brother-in-law's friend's drink. It was just citrus with ice and  salted dates.  I got curious so I took a pic.

The Chili Crab, of which Singapore is famous for. It was good! 

I couldn't get enough of this toasted cua pao which you dip in the Chili Crab sauce. Yumyum.

We also had some rice, satay and prawns.

Now these chicken wings made an impression. So very Filipino in taste because it had some smoky,  sweet and salty flavor going on in there. These are called Huat Huat Wings, and they are a must try if you are eating at Makansutra. I wasn't able to order the Durian Kachang, and I am still regretful that I didn't order that.

The next day, before we went to Universal Studios, we had breakfast at a nearby hawker's place just beside the hotel. We had the traditional soft boiled eggs with toast and coffee. The eggs seemed fine. But the notion that everything is sanitary in Singapore was tested here. I can't say that the vendor we bought this from was THAT clean. Ugh. Oh well. I'm still alive.

We went to Universal Studios-Sentosa  the eve of New Year and it was crowded. Holidays are not the best time to got to amusement parks. It was so hot but then after sometime, it started raining so hard! My sister-in-law was all set to conquer this ride--but the rains didn't allow them to continue. It looked so dangerous!

Cereal Prawns
For dinner, we visited No Signboard again. This was going to be our second time in Singapore, and M wanted the family to try this popular restaurant. I enjoyed the Cereal Prawns immensely. The sweet cereal and the salty prawns was Asian specialty at it's best!

White Pepper Prawns

The first time we tried it, we weren't impressed. This time, it was so good! M and I figured it must have been the kind of crab used that lent an extraordinary flavor to this dish. So good!

Chili Crabs---enough said :)

I didn't have any dessert on this trip. I would have wanted to try their famous ice cream sandwich by the Clark Quay or the Durian Ice Cachang. To the next time, I guess.

Singapore is a hot city, but the food is surprisingly diverse and good. A really good reason to go back.  Until then, I have this summer heat to remind me of this fun vacation.

Keep cool, y'all!


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