Sunday, March 10, 2013

On High Land

M and I found ourselves driving off to Tagaytay one weekend for a meeting of his. We were invited to stay for the night at the posh Tagaytay Highlands. It was our first time and we were excited. We drove off early to escape the coding scheme on a Friday, so we found ourselves lounging at Nuvali in the morning.

 For lunch, we went to The Grill by Antonio's to try their Chicken Inasal. But M found other stuff to devour. Give them time to grill your food. :)

Chicken Inasal  P110
It was okay. I like mine a little more garlicky and sweet-ish. It came with some annato oil and some fresh garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. Not the best I've tried, but was satisfied, nonetheless. :)

Grilled Hito P290
It came with a yummy side dish of  Buro. mustasa or mustard leaves and eggplant. Quite good, actually.

Sisig P320
Chopped pig's ears on a sizzling plate. With chicken liver. Yum.

In the evening, we were invited to have dinner  The Highland's Steakhouse
John Wayne's Prime Rib. 
Nope, it didn't delight that night. 

Salad with Liver the name of which I forgot. 
Sinfully good. Just too little greens I think to be considered a salad.  

The dessert of which we all had a taste of from a friend's plate, were scrumptious!!! Yes, the desserts were lovely. Sorry, no pics were taken.
For breakfast, I had some of the waitress's recommended Longganisa. Nope, it disappointed. Sorry.
This pond is part of the Clubhouse at the Highlands. Such a pretty spot. This estate has so many beautiful spots, although I think upkeep hasn't been as often judging from some of the structures we've seen. So much more potential for this place.

Until next time, Tagaytay!


gwacie said...

How does the chicken inasal compare with Jo's?

Shalum said...

Jo's pa rin!