Monday, July 23, 2012

Healthy Chicken

This is the second time I'm posting a home-cooked meal at home, and I hope you will like it. Why? Because I just found a great chicken brand at the grocery store. 

Whenever my Mom buys raw chicken, she always reminds me to never forget to take out the slimy mucous that coats the flesh, the one that lies buried underneath the skin. She says it is that part that creates all sorts of diseases in the body. So I rarely buy raw chicken, because I know I have to do that tedious task of taking out the slime. Even with fast food chains that sell chicken, you will notice the slime underneath the salty crispy, breaded skin. Gross, right? Oh well, if you can't help ordering fast food chicken, just take out the slime.

Some say the slime is just natural fat and tissue. Maybe, but I just bought Pamora Free Range Chicken at the grocery, and the frozen chicken didn't have any slime or smell. I just rinsed the drumstick parts after they were thawed and made adobo out of it. It was so good. There is no secret recipe either. I just seared the parts in garlic, added soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves and black pepper. Simmer until the sauced is reduced. The pieces were tender and juicy. So good. 

At P185 for five pieces, it wasn't cheap. I wish it was more affordable though.
The Ziplock bag that it came in didn't have the characteristic chicken smell and slime that usually sticks to the bags that raw chicken comes in. Truly a revelation for me. :)

With brown rice and steamed sayote--yum!

I have also tried the The Farm Organics label at The Landmark after seeing the post on, and the meat quality is also superb. The styrofoam plate that the raw meat is encased is easily rinsed too and leaves no trace of the characteristic smell of meat.  So inspiring.

I wish we can healthy all the time! Take care!


gwacie said...

Adobo, yes. Sayote, no. hehehe...

Shalum said...

Hehe. I hope we can now find free range chicken in Cdo!

gwacie said...

I'll check next time I'm in the grocery.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Same with gwacie: adobo, yes. Sayote, no. haha!

Will try that brand out. But buying for just one/me I've always found to be counterproductive. It always ends up in the ref for weeks at a time.

And I didn't even know about the slime underneath the skin until I read your post. haha