Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainy Season Treat -Soup!

The rainy, muggy weather is back. We're getting a lot of clouds and drizzle, and this means another round of rainy day food trips. What do you like to eat on rainy days? Most of us would enjoy something hot or warm like a cup of a favorite caffeine. Or maybe a bowl of hot soup. I like soup. It goes fast when I'm really hungry and satisfies every bit of my cells instantly. Must be why instant noodle soup is a popular staple food among the masses, but that's another topic :P

My all time favorite soup would be the Filipino favorite- sinigang. Steaming hot, sour and salty. I should be looking for my sinigang restaurant favorite. But since I got married to M, I've been getting used to all things spicy. It took me some time, but this muggy weather is reminding me of that bowl of spicy Laksa in Toast Box.


As you can see from the date on the photo, we had this soup early this year. Quite a late post. This bowl is full of seafood and dumplings, the broth a spicy hot and creamy coconut broth. The bowl  should be so good with rice, but I don't think they serve rice.(I think I've become really insistent with the rice issue.hehe).  I can eat this thing in between gulps of water,while panting and catching for breath. We also had...

Floss Toast Sandwich
I like toast and I like pork floss. So this sandwich should be good, right? Right! This one's great with the Milo or Horlicks Dinosaur. And the soup above should really have a cup of rice beside it. Maybe someday they can serve rice? 
I want to go back soon. Enjoy the clouds, everyone :)


gwacie said...

Hahaha... what's the issue with the rice? :)

In this weather, my fave soups are arroz caldo, sinagang, and bacon potato cheese chowder. Oh, and kalamunggay with corn. Yum! :)

Shalum said...

Arroz caldo and Malunggay are really good. Gracie!:)