Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From the center of the Philippines, with love.

It would have been our first time away from each other. Husband was scheduled for a road trip to Boac, Marinduque. He was going with an associate and would be away for a two days. That would have been the first time he'd leave me alone at home. But as destiny would have it, I was able to join him on this trip. It was the night before when we knew I could go, when I searched frantically on the net for Boac tourist spots.

I found one that really interested me- the Luzon Datum. I was so excited to realize that Marinduque holds the geodetic center of the Philippines. And this is verified by a marker placed on the very spot! So cool.

But sadly, when we were trying to find the way to the marker-- a local told us the spot was on a mountain, and we had to hike up there. We had barely enough time to do any hiking after their work was done and before the barge was about to leave. So we settled for one of the must-see's---The Boac Cathedral,

Might I say that this structure was splendidly preserved and maintained. The interiors are still shiny and clean. Wonderful, wonderful piece of heritage. But before we left, I had to make sure to get some of their delicacy- Arrowroot cookies!

They have different varieties of arrowroot cookies- they have the regular flavor which is heart-shaped, sugar-free varieties, and ones mixed with oatmeal, pinipig or cinnamon. But I still think the best ones are the heart-shaped ones. There's more butter and sugar in it. Yummy!

Arrowroot cookie (no, it's not a rock. hehe)

Aaaah, the province. Nothing's quite like it :)

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mikky said...

hi shalum!!! it's been a long time... i too have been absent in this blogging world, it's been quite a busy and hectic few months here... hubby will also leave me, but not for 2 days, but for 2 weeks!!!! =(