Thursday, June 4, 2009

Burger in Japanese

I first read about Sango at Our Awesome Planet. It didn't interest me as much as when I saw the place itself, on our way home. It was near our building! That got me searching for Anton's post once again and realized we had to try it!

Sango is a Japanese themed fastfood restaurant with burgers as its specialty. It is tucked right at the ground floor of the Creek Side Mall in Legaspi Village, which is a stone's throw away from the famed Little Tokyo. I wasn't able to bring my camera, but good thing our mobile phones are rightfully equipped. I used Mark's phone in this post.

There were a lot to choose from the menu which was highly similar to a regular burger joint. except that there were Japanese subtitles in it, and Japanese variations. There were also a handful of salads and pastas on the menu, and colorful shakes and slushies. We ordered their bestsellers- The Sango Master Cheeseburger and the Yakiniku Rice Burger.

The furnitures are so simple, almost Zen like in theme. There were Japanese posters and magazines all around, including posters of their bestsellers which I really really liked. In one corner, was a bulletin board full of printouts of blogs featuring their restaurant. Cool! :) Everything was nice but the smell. The whole place smelled of pungent food, in an enclosed and tightly air-conditioned space. Not very good ventilation.

Now let's go back to the food:

I lost my receipt, so I'll be relying on good ol' Munch Punch for the rates.
This is the Sango Master Cheese Burger at P128.
Not bad. Actually good. The fries were also yummy.

This is the Yakiniku Rice Burger at P109. I admit, I thought this would be another expensive version of something I had eaten before in the country's top fastfood joint.
But I am happy to inform you that it was not. The rice patties were sticky and good, the lettuce fresh, and the soft, thin strips of beef in teriyaki sauce... good, good, good!

Burp. Reasonably priced, double burp :)


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i have to put this on my list of places to eat! looks good!

gwacie said...

Grabe Lumette! Food blogger talaga! Even without your digicam, you make do with camera phones. And I never realized that you saved your receipts for this. :)

Ey, hope we can sched a CDO food trip when you get home!

Shalum said...

hi regandmitzi, do explore it :)

gwacie dear, sure. text text. find me cheapo place i haven't been to :)

goodfor2 said...

indeed very good, we love their fries

mikky said...

looks like you guys enjoyed the experience... we just love their rice burger... :)

Shalum said...

thanks good42,yup, the fries were yummy too!

thanks mikky, we did!

Jenny said...

have you tried the rockwell branch? no bad smell :)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I love SANGO!! their fries are soooo good :)

entrepgirl said...

is that the same one in the MileLong area in Makati? i think i've tried that years ago.

gwacie said...

Hey Sha, I left an award for you at my blog. Any new food trips?

gwacie said...

got a tag for you sha.