Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

... or Kung Hei Fat Choi or however else you greet Happy New Year in Chinese. :) And because of this, I am posting our latest Chinese food venture. This is not so recent though.

We ate at Luk Yuen after a grueling half day drive from Baguio last December. And because we loved our Chinese soup adventure in the City of Pines (hmmm, on second thought.. I should post that too! Next time!), we wanted to be comforted by some hot, soothing chinese soup after our drive.

Luk Yuen was the nearest one from home, a 5 minute drive to the Magallanes Subdivision food arcade. It was a big place. The food was okay. But for soup, we only ordered Corn Soup.

Pork Siomai P100

Steamed Shrimp Dimsum P90

Spareribs/Chicken Feet P140
Mark liked it. Hehe. Men.

This was my order- fried fish fillets with black bean sauce.
Surprisingly better than I expected. :)

The food, and place was alright. Chinese food is so ingrained in the Filipino system so much so that it has become easy for us to like. Although personally, I've tried better.


mikky said...
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mikky said...

ooops... sorry, deleted accidentally... kiong hi huat tsai to you too.... :)

Shalum said...

thanks mikky!:)

entrepgirl said...

We also used to eat at Luk Yuen's. I especially love their Beef Brisket noodles. I haven't been there in a while though. :)