Monday, July 28, 2008

Sporty Doughnuts

So, almost everybody knows about this soft, holed sweets- that has brought doughnuts to a higher level of eating ( or should I say...more expensive). But I love Krispy Kreme, especially when they hand out those free, FRESHLY baked treats straight from the conveyor belt. Bliss. That, I think is the best way to eat a Krispy Kreme- because then it just melts in the mouth! Mmmm..

Last Father's Day, Krispy Kreme dressed up their doughnuts into sports balls to honor the greatest sports enthusiasts of all- the fathers. And here's our loot:

The Football is covered with chocolate, but has a custard filling:

The Baseball - this one's filled with a strawberry filling;

Ooooh, but our favorite still remains to be this- the Original Glazed!:)

How about you? What's your favorite Krispy Kreme?

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